Rediscovering sheet music

Welcome to the Virtuoso Interactive demo. We will walk through 3 common tasks that the device can perform. Use the navigation buttons at the bottom to jump to different tasks.

The home screen shows your music library. Pieces are organized by category. The pieces and categories in the library can be rearranged and renamed. Lets start by playing the piece, Twinkle Twinkle. Tap the correct piece to continue.

This is the music view. When viewing music, sheets are shown side by side as if actual sheet music was being used.

You can turn the page by tapping the edge of the page or tapping the corresponding page number at the bottom of the screen. Turn the page to continue.

On the actual device you can also flick to turn the page.

You have learned the basics of using Virtuoso! Lets see some other features the device offers.

Virtuoso has tools built-in to help musicians practice music. The device can act as a metronome, a tuner, or even play back sections of a piece. To demonstrate, lets begin by picking a new piece to practice.

We want to play the Mario Song, but it is not on the main music library screen. Not all of the pieces on the device are shown on the main music library screen. The main library shows only the pieces that a musician is currenly playing. To see the entire library, tap the All Music button at the bottom of the screen.

The All Music page shows the complete list of music on the device. The home page shows only the active pieces that a musician is currently playing. If a musician knows they will not be playing a piece for some time, they can remove it from the front page and always find it in the All Music page. Tap the Mario Song to continue.

Practice aids are located in the menu at the top-right. Lets try playing back a section of the piece. First tap the playback button.

We want to hear the piece sounds starting at measure 24. Tap anywhere in the measure to play it back.

Great! You've gotten the device to play music for you. Now lets try one more task.

You have seen how Virtuoso can help you rehearse solo music. Virtuoso can also help rehearse music with a groups of people with collaborative note-taking and playback. Lets try using collaborative note-taking.

Imagine you are in a band with your friend Jesse and she has started a Virtuoso group for you to join.

To join her group, first tap the Nearby Groups sidebar on the right.

The Nearby Groups panel shows Virtuoso music groups close to you that you can join. New Group lets you create your own music group.

Tap Jesse's group to continue.

Virtuoso devices come packaged with a stylus. Any notes taken by you or Jesse will appear on both your music in the corresponding section. You can turn off your notes from copying themselves in the settings toolbar button at the top-right.

That's it! You have seen the basics of Virtuoso!